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Cross Country Ski Better, Faster…

sandyLotto-xcSkiCross Country Ski Lessons by appointment

Classic (Diagonal Stride) or Skating Techniques

  • Private Lesson $40/hour
  • Semi-Private (2 people) $35/person
  • Small Group (3-4 people) $25/person
  • Group Lesson (5-10 people) $20/person

Call or email to schedule a ski lesson date, time and location. (715) 479-8773 or sndylotto@yahoo.com

The goal of our ski lessons is to make cross country skiing more fun and less work by teaching tips on how you can become more relaxed and efficient in your skiing. Sandy specializes in downhill techniques, so if it’s those downhills with turns on the bottom of the hill that give you problems, she’s the one to call. She’s also a veteran American Birkebeiner skier, having skied that marathon 23 times, starting in the Elite Women’s Wave for nine years. For lessons, she meets people at Eagle River, WI area ski trails, including Afterglow Lake Resort, Anvil, Nordmarka/Norge Ski Trails (Eagle River Golf Course), Razorback Ridge, and the Three Eagle Trail.

Nature Tours on Bikes, Hikes, Snowshoes or XC Skis

sandyLotto-natureToursSchedule a fun and informational nature tour of the area using your choice of transportation–bikes, hikes, snowshoes or skis. Tours start at $25/hour for up to two people. Add $5/person for groups over two people, up to a maximum of 10 people. Tours can focus on tree/wildflower i.d., beginning birding, animal tracking, wilderness survival skills, map and compass use, bog ecology, maple syrup making or forestry. What in the woods do you want to learn more about? Tours are tailored to meet your needs. Want to walk on a bog? See an eagle nest? Learn how to keep from getting lost? We can do that!